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Zinc Sulphate Powder

Zinc sulfate powder is a white, crystalline substance that contains the essential mineral zinc. It is often used for agricultural, industrial, and nutritional purposes. Apart from the customers who have bulk needs can connect us and get a perfect price range according to needs. 

Zinc Sulphate Features:

  • Nutritional Supplement: In the form of zinc supplements, it is used to address zinc deficiencies in humans and animals.
  • Agricultural Use: Applied to soils as a fertilizer to correct zinc deficiencies and improve crop yields.
  • Industrial Applications: Used in industries for processes such as water treatment, dyeing, and the production of chemicals.
  • Transparent and Colourless: The powder is typically transparent and colorless, making it easy to incorporate into various applications.
  • Solubility: Zinc sulfate powder is soluble in water, which makes it versatile for different uses.

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